Consulting and support service on Baan/Infor LN ERP

(BaaN 4, BaaN 5, Infor ERP Ln 6.1, Infor  Ln 10.x)


We have over 18 years' consulting and technical experience on BaaN and Infor Ln ERP.  We provide technical support, development and product integration service. Our current customers include some public listed companies in China and US. 


Technical service (fixed price or T&M):

1. Server migration

   Migrate BaaN/Ln from old server to new server, with new version of OS and database*

   Migrate BaaN/Ln from Unix to Windows/Linux server*

   Migrate BaaN/Ln from Oracle db to SQL Server*

   Migrate BaaN/Ln to cloud server*


2. Upgrade

   Upgrade porting set*

   Upgrade tools (tt) to new version*

   Upgrade application to new version or new feature pack*

   Install patches


3. Diagnosis and tuning

   Identify the reasons of slow performance/response time, quick growth of database size

   Provide the solution of improvements


4. Archiving

   Setup archive company or archive database instance

   Archive data to reduce database size


5. Data migration

   Migrate data from external source to BaaN/Ln

   Export data from BaaN/Ln in required format (flat file, XML, JSON)



6. Development and customization (Without touching vendor source code)

   Add new functions/modules on Ln

   Automate the manual procedure of Ln

   Report/Form customization


7. Integration with other applications

   Integrate with CRM, MES, PLM, Workflow system


8. Setup new companies on Ln


*Customers need valid vendor annual support agreement for any upgrade of vendor software components.



We have delivered training to customers and Infor partners in China,Taiwan,HKSAR,Japan and Australia.


1. Order management and Warehousing modules training - 5 days

2. Finance management training (GL/AP/AR/CMG/FAM) - 5 days

3. Manufacturing and Material Planning - 4 days

4. Tools Administration - 3 days

5. Report Customization - 3 days

6. Development (Domain/Table/Form/Session/Script/DLL/DAL) - 5 days